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Upload your own data

You can upload your own datasets as CSV files and save them in the cycles app. A CSV ("comma-separated values") file is a delimited text file that uses a comma to separate values.

You can always manage (add, remove, update) your own saved data-sets in the settings area:

To upload new data series, go to the Settings -> MyDatasets area and click "Upload New".

You need to ensure the right format of your text file. The first line always needs to include the header "time, value" indicating each following line has a text for the date/time and a numeric value (e.g. close).

 time, value
 2019-04-11, 80.01
 2019-04-12, 82.1

Use the attached file eod_upload_test.csv shown in the navigation panel as template with daily data.

time, value
2019-04-11 13:01, 2301
2019-04-12 13:02, 2320

Please see and test the attached file (eurusd-1h-example.csv) shown in the navigation panel as template with 1h intraday data for the EURUSD.

Generic date formats