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Live Webinars and Private Collaboration Room

Our Live-Room webinar area allows us to host and run private and secure online webinars with video live-streams and live chat. To ensure the content and discussion within the cycles community is kept private and secure.

You can enter the room within the Cycles Application via the menu "Live Seminar Room" or via the URL:


The documentation and the functions in the "Live Room" area are continuously being expanded.

Live Inside Webinars - Save the Date

The monthly WhenToTrade Inside webinar is hosted live on the last Saturday of every month at 20:00 CET. Please join the live room to interact live with the speaker and the audience.

The live session will be available as a replay on the weekend following the webinar until the upcoming Monday. Live interaction is only possible during the live session.

HD Video Stream

We provide a high quality HD live video and audio stream in 1920x1080 (1080p HD). It will require ~3.5 Mbps available bandwidth/speed on your end to ensure a stable and smooth video experience without interruptions. In case the video might freeze, check your bandwidth and/or just refresh the browser to stay in the session.