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Change Log

Version 1.5 - 28 Jan 2021
  • New Feature: Live Webinar room to host private live inside webinars
  • New Feature: Share interactive workbooks with colleagues and guests via short invite URL (Analyst or Pro)
  • Cycle Scanner: Added new indicator "Composite Energy Model" (available via advanced settings)
  • Data Upload: removed the upload limit of max. 20.000 bars for private datasets on Analyst and Pro level
Version 1.4 - 03 Oct 2020
  • New Feature: Live Streams Pulse to connect any 3rd party app in realtime with the cycle analyzer (read the docs)
  • Backend: Upgraded for improved front-end responsiveness on the user interface
Version 1.3 - 27 Aug 2020
  • Datafeed: Added weekly option for Yahoo datafeed, add -W to the symbol code, e.g. ^GSPC-W:YFI (see datafeed page)
  • Cycle Scanner: Added range selection to load more data
  • Cycle Scanner: Added Savitzky–Golay filter as optional pre-processing smoothing filter and as individual API function
  • New Feature: Cycle Skew can be used for cycle analysis and composite cycle plots (read docs)
  • New Feature: Cycle Power Spectrum with Spectral Averaging as alternative to Amplitude Spectrum (read docs)
  • New Feature: Save Cycle Scanner configuration in two profiles P1 and P2
Version 1.2 - 01 July 2020
  • Cycle Scanner: Added new "eye" button to hide/show out-of-sample price data
  • Cycle Scanner: Added in-sample button to (re)set in-sample-period to full data range with once click
  • Cycle Scanner: Fixed a bug where old cycle selections will not be updated when a new ticker is loaded
  • API: Added a API performance monitor screen at
  • Charting: Added "reverse plot" parameter for dominant cycle indicator
  • Workbooks & Snapshots: Added sorting by name and/or by snapshot date
  • Datafeed: Added weekly option Quandl datafeeds (see datafeed page)
Version 1.1 - 22 May 2020
  • New Feature: Added new Workbooks feature to save Cycle Scanner configuration and composite cycles
Version 1.0 - 19 May 2020
  • New Feature: Release of online documentation at subdomain
  • Update: Cycle Scanner - "Active Cycles" table with scrolling instead of paging
  • Update: Cycle Scanner - Selected cycles for composite plot shown in header
  • Upgrade: TradingView charting backend upgraded to Version 1.15
  • New Feature: Integrated datafeed wrapper to pull data from yahoo finance