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Composite Cycle Vector Plot

This script allows to transfer the cycle analysis results from the Cycle Model Builder into an indicator plot on the TradingView chart:


The TradingView script to plot the vector as indicator on the chart is available for public usage here:

You can add this script to your favorite indicators to apply it to your charts:


If you are looking for the MotiveWave version of this Composite Cycle Vector plot, please download the MotiveWave integration pagage here.

How to transfer your composite plot to TradingView chart:

1. Create your composite plot in the cycle app and click the highlighted icon in the Composite Cycle Model Builder window:



2. A window will open to inform you to copy the vector to your clipboard:



3. You can mark the TradingView indicator as "favorite" so it will appear in your list of favorite indicators:



4. Once applied to the chart paste the string into the "Composite Vector" field.

Ensure to remove all existing content in the field before you paste your new data.