Cycle Parameters Explained

The following chart summarizes all relevant parameters related to a "perfect" sinewave cyle:


What is Frequency?

Frequency is the number of times a specified event occurs within a specified time interval.
Example:5 cycles in 1 second= 5 Hz

1 cycle in 16 days = 0.0625 cycles/day = 723 nHz


What is Strength?

Strength is the relative amplitude of a given cycle per time interval. (“amplitude per bar”).
A = 213 , d = 16, s = 13.2 per d

Read more on Cycle Strength in how to "Rank" cycles here.


What is Bartels Score?

The Bartels score provides a direct measure of the likelihood that a given cycle is genuine and not random. It measures the stability of the amplitude and phase of each cycle.

B score %= (1-Bartels Value)*100

0 % : cycle influenced by random events, not significant
100 %: cycle is significant / genuine

Read more on how to validate cycles with the Bartels score here


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